DOTS Home offers

Meeting place 

DOTS Home is where it all happens. Meetings, debates, learning and connecting. DOTS Home is a gathering place for free thinkers, doers and dreamers. People, who value open society and practice democracy and civic responsibility in their daily lives. DOTS Home is a place of giving and receiving. Of giving and sharing. 

Co-working place 

DOTS Home is a place of work – to do, to be inspired, to launch new initiatives and new partnerships. DOTS Home creates a productive, peaceful environment, nurturing concentration and inspiration. It is meant for those who are self-employed or work alone, who manage their own time, but need a work space. We have everything for your working comfort. Your own desk, shelf, unlimited access. Office equipment, meeting rooms and a kitchen.  

A Permanent Work Place

24/7 access, copying, printing, scanning, conference and meeting rooms, use of a kitchen, secure workspace storage.

EUR 120,- +VAT per month

Conference Room                    Meeting Room           

EUR 160,- +VAT per day        EUR 80,- + VAT per day

EUR 25,- + VAT per hour        EUR 15,- + VAT per hour

DOTS Home manager: Egita Prāma, 67039241