The seventh LAMPA Conversation Festival will take place both in Cēsis and online

Spread over multiple locations in Cēsis– Vienības Square, Maija Park, Rožu Square, Pils Square, Ruckas Park, and others, online and in communal viewing sites all around Latvia – there is a multitude of viewing and participation opportunities for the seventh LAMPA Conversation Festival on August 20 and 21. This year’s festival programme will be announced on July 20, and it will include nearly 200 events on important topics. Organizers also invite attendees to make sure they have digital Covid-19 certificates if they wish to enjoy the conversations of LAMPA in person.

“This year’s festival will be different from the previous ones as we use a new, partly remote format, as well as new locations. The team of LAMPA are very glad that festival events can take place in person again since the most valuable conversations are the ones that can take place when participants are together, face-to-face. However, for it to happen and so that the festival may be attended by more than 1000 people, we rely on attendees’ understanding and sense of responsibility as they fully observe the necessary safety measures at in-person events,” Ieva Morica, director of LAMPA Conversation Festival, encourages.

This year’s LAMPA may only be attended in person if presenting a valid Covid-19 certificate that confirms the completion of a full vaccination course or recovery within the past six months, along with an ID card or passport, therefore, the festival will be available to attendees aged 12 and up. The festival can be viewed from any place by streaming discussions or joining like-minded people at LAMPA communal viewing sites. They will be organized in libraries and culture centers, co-working spaces and cafés all over Latvia – from Aloja to Dundaga. A full list of communal viewing sites will be announced on July 20 along with the programme.

“As much as we would like to host all attendees, including those with a negative Covid-19 test, in person, the event format and current safety regulations do not permit it. The specific format of LAMPA prevents personalized seating for all and choosing to host tested participants would significantly limit the number of attendees. Therefore, this is the only way LAMPA can take place in person this year, but we are making sure that festival events are available to anyone at a convenient time in a remote viewing format. LAMPA has always been, and will always be available to everyone for free!” Ieva Morica reminds.

For more information visit www.festivalslampa.lv.